Hesta Prynn is the NYC-based DJ, music curator and author who brands turn to for her encyclopedic knowledge of musical genres, and her ability to make everyone (yes, everyone!) feel cool.

Many recognize her from her beginnings as a songwriter in the Columbia Records trio Northern State. Some have spotted her DJing for celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, while others will always connect her with Questlove who taught her to spin vinyl from the get-go.

A longtime women’s advocate, Hesta Prynn has become the go-to DJ for Women’s brands, events and fundraisers.

Hesta Prynn has performed internationally alongside artists including Solange, Beck and Jay-Z. She can regularly be found in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Hamptons Magazine and Page Six. When not DJing, she is producing the NYC Drone Film Festival and raising a toddler in Manhattan.

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